Online Jobs For College Students

by Richard Gordon on August 22, 2014

Online Jobs For College Students

Online Jobs For College Students

We are living in a shaky economic time period and maybe college students whether privileged or not are being required to look for part time work to support themselves. So for them, most of the jobs that they could secure at such an inexperienced, entry-level would be part time jobs either right on campus or somewhere very close by. Many students will take jobs that start right after class ends leaving them exhausted and usually unhappy; this is where finding a good online job can come in handy.

Due to all the pressure that the time constraints of a physical job can cause, wouldn’t it be better if you could make that same paycheck in your pajamas at home? You could work right at home over the internet via your computer. More and more students these days are in search of online jobs to earn extra money and because of that, you must be careful of scams and  stay cautious so you do not get cheated and put in work for nothing.

First and most important step in your online employment journey is knowing the precise practices you need to utilize to find these hidden online job gems. Finding and securing an online job won’t be effortless to say the least; in fact only with the correct tips and tricks and checking the correct avenues will you find legitimate online work. Another thing that college students misunderstand regarding online jobs is that they might become rich overnight just by working online, that in fact is not really the case and anyone claiming such would mostly be scams, however that does mean one cant make a decent part time leaving with online jobs. Thus all they need to know now is what jobs they should actually be going for and here are the most popular.

Online Marketing

In the online world, marketing is popularly known as Affiliate Marketing and is in fact quite a great advancement for businesses but anyone can do this chances are you can also fit into this field very well. All that is required is the appropriate training which is often available through legit online websites, even for free. Once you get the hang of it, you could in fact make quite a nice income online, I recommend starting off with small goals, suck as making 1 dollar a day then 5 dollars then eventually 10 dollars a day. That doesn’t seem like much but 10 dollars a day is 300 dollars a month, that’s over 3,000 a year from the comfort of your own home. Most people will focus on the oversaturated “get paid to recruit your friends to X” niches out there; these are way overpopulated and usually scams. For legit online marketing jobs look into Social Networking freelance jobs like my banner on the right. Social networking jobs allow you to do things like manage other peoples/companies Facebook/Twitter etc.  (scroll down to continue reading)



Article Writing

The second option that college students should explore is in an online job is to write articles and get paid for them. There are, in fact, quite a lot of companies that offer such jobs where you are contracted out to write articles based on your literacy skills and knowledge of certain niches. If you know a lot about video games and stick to writing about your niche you can expect to get paid very well once you establish an online profile and get some positive reviews. A motivated college student could make more than just part time living writing articles if he/she were dedicated enough, but due to its popularity, there are also several scams out there that you should watch out for. Make sure to always negotiate price before you begin! You can offer your services on places like Fiverr, you will need to offer to write more words then the competition to get started but once you get some good reviews under your belt you can scale it down a little bit.

Online jobs for college students in the form of Paid Surveys

Yet another way in which college folk are making some decent coin is in online survey taking. Once again, such a job would simply not make you rich, in fact not many paid survey companies are trust worthy. These days due to all the saturation I recommend looking for a paid survey site that pays out in “rewards” like Amazon gift cards, while not as good as cash if you have 5-600 dollars on Amazon these days you can buy groceries off there.Most survey sites will pay you a certain amount for limited surveys each day and you are usually eligible for more depending on how experienced you are in certain areas, E.G. if you a marketing major you may be eligible for more marketing surveys. These companies are willing to pay for your input. Sometimes they will even send you a product to “test” for thirty days and you write your opinion on the item and they pay you. If you’re lucky you will even be able to keep the item after completion.

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